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Exit Strategies, Reverse Mergers, Interim CFO Services

Exit / Reverse Merger Strategies

CFOexec will review your strategic plan, and then recommend the exit strategy that is appropriate for your business model.

Customized Services Include

  • Formalizing plans and timing of exit strategy: IPO, reverse merger into a public shell, strategic partnership with major vendor or customer, sale to larger company
  • If the IPO or reverse merger strategy is selected, assist in choosing investment bankers and transfer agent
  • Ensure all corporate documents (articles of incorporation, bylaws, tax returns, retirement plans, stock option plans, etc.) are in order to facilitate review by interested parties
  • Assist in preparing required documentation for exit strategy selected: SEC Form S‑1 (registration statement) for IPOs, “super” SEC Form 8‑K for reverse mergers, other documents requested by purchasers in a private sale

Project Highlights

  • Led four reverse mergers into public shells with requisite reporting to the SEC.
  • Completed eleven acquisitions for these newly formed public companies, to include negotiating the terms of the transaction, leading teams through the due diligence process, then fully integrating the new employees into the parent company. Filed all required reports with the SEC.